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hybrid -Bark-Lacquerware



[hybrid : the Bark-Lacquerware] began development as early as 2018, taking a material-centric approach to explore the possibilities of bark application. Objects in this series are crafted from paper-mulberry bark, formed in one-piece. The interior is covered with urushi lacquer, creating a smooth and glossy finish to contrast with the original pattern and coarse texture on the exterior. From an organic tree branch to a man-made object, traces of interaction between human craftsmanship and natural materials are woven together and gradually transformed into these unique bark-lacquer objects. It creates an intriguing visual and tactile experience and also reflects a fusion of artistic vision and the inherent qualities of the materials used.


Objects in this series include vessels, plates, tea holders, teaspoons ,and more. All objects are made to order.

Process /​ 材製作過程

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